Forklift Drivers Required In Apple Farms 2023

Forklift Drivers Required In Apple Farms 2023

Forklift Drivers Required In Apple Farms. The jobs like farmworker, dairy farm, or driver may sound local and cheap, but Australia knows its importance and gives a chance to kick start their career by working on these jobs. The gained experience of even 6 months would be valuable when you apply for the job in any other place. So why not start from the little one and grow gradually? Agreed? So stay with us and get to know the information about the forklift driver in Apple farms in Australia. 

The local farms in Australia are looking for the services of a forklift driver in an apple or pear picking farm, located in the Goulburn Valley area. The work needs to be done in 2023, it will include various duties, but he has to focus on the task of driving the forklift in a packing shed in a fast-paced environment. The hired one has to work for 6 to 7 days a week. 

Company Concerns

 . Company/Organization: Onin Staffing  
• Job Location:  Australia
• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: 
bachelor’s degree/Diploma/High School

Job Details 

The forklift operator is assigned to operate forklifts and move the containers or goods around various farms. He has to use forklifts to unload deliveries. He hates to stack boxes for storage plus moving wooden pallets around the farms is also required. 

Type Of Vacant Appointments

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Application Procedure

The application process is quite easy. The candidate is required to send the documents on our website. We will check all the mentioned skills and abilities and then call the candidate for the job of forklift driver.

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